Open to holders of cat A or A2 (Full or Restricted) licence my workshops are completely flexible and will be pitched to suit you level of riding, you are paying for my time and during that time we can cover any riding or bike related topics even basic maintenence if you wish.

£120 Half Day

Whether you are new to riding and leaning over is making you feel nervous or a more experienced rider who wants to be smoother i will tailor the route and content to suit.

We can cover things like body positioning, observation, steering, positioning, gear, speed and acceleration as well as how to read bends and gain clues about whats around the bend.

Urban Riding
£120 Half Day

Despite the higher risk of being involved in a collision in an urban enviroment there are very few riding workshops or training that offers to focus on it.

During this workshop we can cover areas such as filtering, slow control, multi lane roundabouts, dual carraigeways and motorways as well as creating your own safety bubble and identifying potential collision points.

Confidence Building
£120 Half Day

Whether you are a new or inexperienced rider , a rider returning to bikes after a break  or maybe a recent incident has knocked your confidence?

During this workshop without pressure i will support you in gaining confidence and help you identify those things that are making you nervous offering solutions which we will try together.

Ther is no such thing as a stupid question and whatever your concerns don't think them too trivial to ask for support. 


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