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Making safe Progress

We don't ride to sit in traffic or follow the crowd, we ride for the relative freedom to move amongst traffic in a way only possible on 2 wheels.

Overtaking others is inevitable but often i see it done without thought and rushed by riders forcing their way through this is not only extremely high risk but also fuels the public perception that we are all adrenaline junkies with a death wish which of course isn't true, not for all of us anyway.

Overtaking others in a way that doesn't force them to react, is legal and where risks are all considered and managed is a skill that can be mastered, it requires the right mindset, patience, restraint coupled with self control and of course practice.

Doing it well doesn't mean waiting for huge gaps in traffic we have the ability to use our size and agility to our benefit but this must always be part of a plan with alternatives considered.

Below is a short compilation of common situations where we would be looking to make an overtake.

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