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Making Progress

Although this video is about rural overtakes it is a good example of 'making progress', many confuse this with riding at speed.

I like this definition of making progress-

"using the road and traffic conditions to progress unobtrusively".

In the video i pass 3 slower vehicles, my own speed only varies slightly with the aim of maintaining an average speed higher than that of the prevailing traffic. Timing is essential if i rushed the first pass i would merely spend more time sat behind the next two vehicles losing the advantage i had just gained, would have had to have braked and maybe caused the following vehicle to brake.

By applying this calm, restrained and well planned method we can repeatedly and consistently catch and pass vehicles on our ever congested roads getting from A to B in a much shorter time without feeling stressed or fatigued and with mechanical sympathy for our machines.

As ever the above starts with effective observation, if you haven't seen it you cant build it into your plan.

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