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A reason not to.

Humans are wired with a positive bias we commonly justify our actions and decisions even after they have turned out to be poor. This is no different when planning an overtake we risk ignoring the potential negatives encouraging ourselves to 'go for it' considering only the positives, 'i will make that', nothings coming', 'there's plenty of space', sound familiar?

To balance our positive bias in decision making we should look for 'reasons not to' overtake rather than only justifications coupled with patience and restraint.

This video is a good demonstration of how a positive bias could have resulted in a head on collision, a dead area or zone is an area of road that we don't have a view of located between two areas of road we do have a view of. Our positive bias could convince us that because the road in the far distance is clear there can't possibly be anything in the area we can't see.

Waiting for the view to develop can save your life.

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